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Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: Nandini will fight with Vanraj over Kavya, what is Samar worried about?


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Mumbai. TV industry’s most popular serial ‘Anupama’ keeps entertaining the audience with its story every time. As the days are passing, new twists are coming in the serial. Not only this, due to its funny story, this show has also remained on the first position in the TRP list so far. By now you must have seen in the serial that Shah family and Anuj, Anupama together help Malvika to come out of her past memories. With this, everyone forgets Malvika’s bad memories and celebrates the new year with her. Yes, in Rupali Ganguly’s Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna starrer serial ‘Anupama’, till now you got to see that the closeness between Malvika and Vanraj Shah in the office. Anuj Kapadia gets furious seeing him growing up. However, Anupama intervenes and explains to Anuj that the two have a good friendship and nothing more. On the other hand, Anupama tells Vanraj to focus on his work and not on anything else. But now a new explosive thing is going to be seen in this serial.

In the upcoming episode of serial Anupamaa Upcoming Episode, you will see that after helping Malvika, Anupama will pack her bags and go back to her home. Seeing this, Malvika, Kaka and Anuj will get very upset and will stop Anupama from leaving. But Anupama will not listen to anyone and will say that it is not right for me to stay in this house, what will people say. After this Anuj shouts at Anupama. Then shortly after, the Kapadia family convinces Anupama to stay in the house. On the other hand, there is also a fight between Samar and Nandini.

There is a fierce debate between Samar and Nandini about Kavya. The misunderstandings between them are not taking the name of being resolved. Not only this, both of them also start quarreling with each other in front of Baa. Nandini repeatedly takes the side of her aunt Kavya and Samar does not like it. Samar gets angry and tells Nandini that both of us should also think once before getting married. Seeing Samar so upset, Baa comes and tries to convince him. But he does not listen to Baa and leaves the house once again in anger towards the dance academy.

On his way to the dance academy, he is reminiscing about the breakup with Nandini. Then gradually after some time Samar’s condition starts deteriorating. In such a situation, Ba will tell everything to Anupama and she will take care of her son by going to the dance academy. On the other hand, Nandini will once again take the side of her aunt Kavya and start arguing with Vanraj. All the members of the house will be surprised to see Nandini doing this. Apart from this, Vanraj also after listening to Nandini’s words will start shouting loudly at her in front of all the family members.

first published:Jan. 15, 2022, 2:04 p.m.

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