Guess Whats Growing In Kareena Kapoors Kitchen Garden – See Pic


Kareena Kapoor Khan is a fitness icon to many. Besides giving us major health goals, she is also a huge advocate of homemade food. Now, it seems like the star has taken her love from home-cooked foods to home grown ones. She recently took to Instagram to give us a sneak peek into her kitchen garden where she’s growing bhindi (okra) now-a-days. The picture she posted on her Insta story features tiny okra on the plant. Kareena showed it off to her fans with the caption, “Oye, our bhindis have arrived.” Take a look at the picture:

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Okra has amazing health benefits. It improves digestion, boosts immunity and also ensures healthy vision. If you are someone who likes okra based dishes, then here we found some delicious way to add it to your daily diet.

4 Delicious Bhindi (Okra) Recipes For You:

Masala Bhindi:

The good old crunchy masala bhindi is a popular choice for many. It also makes a popular choice when it comes to opting for a dry sabzi over gravy. It is quick to make and is loaded with flsvoruful spices including amchoor powder, pepper powder, ginger and jeera. Click here for recipe.

Dahi Bhindi:

The thick gravy sabzi with okra and curd is a delicious option to pair with hot rotis. This dish is popular in Hyderabad as shahi dahi bhindi masala or vendakkai curry. The other key ingredients used in making dahi bhindi are urad dal, ghee and onions. Here’s the recipe for you.

Bhindi Kaali Mirch:

This is another mouth-watering sabzi option with a burst of flavours. The recipe with okra, onions, tomato puree, peppercorn and green chillies makes it filling and satiating. If you’re bored with the basic bhindi sabzi, this version is sure to be your instant favourite. Click here for recipe.

Classic Bhindi Bites:

If okra sabzis are too basic for you then try out this fusion recipe. The crunchy bhindi is mixed with zucchini and served on toasted bread. It can be served with chutney. Sounds like your kind of recipe? Here’s the recipe for you.

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