Kanji Vada – The Traditional Rajasthani Drink That Helps Beat The Summer Heat; Heres How You Can Make It


Rajasthan has given us many things to marvel at – from its vibrant culture and heritage to its spicy food. The region’s aridity, extreme weather conditions, shortage of water, and lack of greenery have resulted in developing distinct cooking methods and eating habits among the locals. Rajasthanis have constructed their culinary techniques in such a way that most of their recipes can be stored and eaten without reheating. While their food is adjusted according to the heat, the state also offers suitable drinks for the scorching heat.

If you are a fan of Rajasthani food, you know that the state has more to offer than the famous dal baati and churma. And if you are just starting out with discovering the region’s food- then let us tell you that the traditional Rajasthani dishes can surprise you in many ways. Whether it is spicy or sweet, the food will surely give you a burst of flavours.

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Now, as we step on the journey of discovering yet another state specialty, we bring you kanji vada, a salty and tangy chilled drink that would be totally impress your taste buds. The flavoured water mixed with the vada is something which you will surely love to have in this hot weather.

kanji vada, a salty and tangy chilled drink

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How To Make Kanji Vada At Home I Kanji Vada Recipe:

To make the kanji vada, you would need one and a half liters of water, one tablespoon turmeric powder, one tablespoon of red chilli powder, three tablespoons of salt, four tablespoons of yellow mustard powder, one and half cup of moong dal and urad dal, oil, two tablespoons of green chillies, one tablespoon of ginger and salt according to taste.

To make the kanji, first add the water to a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Then add salt, red chilli powder, yellow mustard powder and turmeric powder. Mix this well and pour it into a large jar. Let the water brew under the sun for three-four days. For making the vada, wash and soak moong dal and urad dal in water for 6 hours. After 6 hours, remove the water and add this into a blender with salt, ginger and chilli. Blend these together till they combine. Make sure that the consistency of this batter is smooth.

In a separate pan, add some oil and drop one spoon of batter in the hot oil and fry the batter. Remove the vada and let it cool for half an hour. Then submerge these vadas in hing and saltwater for 15 minutes.

Squeeze out excessive water from the vadas, and when your kanji water is ready, add the vadas to it.

Check out the recipe of Kanji Vada here.

Now all you need to do is chill this drink and enjoy it in the summers!

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