Man Finds Out His Son Is His Uncle, Shares Plight In A Tik Tok Video


In a bizarre story bound to confuse you and make you lose faith in all relationships, a man today shared a video on popular app TikTok where he made an explosive disclosure about his life. The boy who he believed to be his son all these years, has turned out to be his uncle.

The man in question, who goes by the user handle @stacks1400, appeared in a video where he was seen crying and telling his viewers how his girlfriend had an affair with his grandfather and became pregnant. The man was in the dark for years (as he claimed) but after a DNA test, now the truth is out. Now, he says, he will never be able to look at his son the same way.

People flocked to his account to console him. While some people advised him not to lose courage as there is light at the end of every tunnel, others told him that he never deserved such a girlfriend.

However, right after this, the man created another video where he is seen taking a pledge to never punish the baby (the ‘son’) for his girlfriend’s misdeed. He said that he would try his best to treat the child with the same love and care since the child is not at fault. People left supportive comments under his video and told him to remain strong and maintain a positive outlook towards life.

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