IndiaMakar Sankranti Rashifal: If their luck will open on...

Makar Sankranti Rashifal: If their luck will open on Makar Sankranti, then they will have money, know your condition here


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New Delhi : Today is Makar Sankranti and on this occasion across the country people are taking a holy dip in holy waters since morning. The festival of Makar Sankranti is considered very important in religious texts. Sun’s zodiac changes on Makar Sankranti.

It is an astronomical event when the Sun enters Capricorn every year from Sagittarius and increases by about 20 minutes each time. This change of zodiac has an effect on all the zodiac signs. From the astrological point of view, the Sun affects Cancer and Capricorn signs especially.

Worshiping, bathing and donating in the auspicious yoga formed on this day gets rid of many kinds of troubles, while happiness, peace and prosperity come in life. Along with this, the festival of Makar Sankranti also removes many types of defects.

Aries (Aries)

Possibility of promotion, profit from the government, money coming, friendship with eminent people is the sum. There will be all round development. Buy electrical or electronic equipment. Chant Om Surya Namah. Donate jaggery and wheat.

Taurus (Taurus)

Happiness will increase. The purchase of a house, vehicle will be very auspicious. Donate milk and curd white things. There can be false accusations, loss of money, excessive expenditure, concern from the state side. Make a donation.

Gemini (Gemini)

Increase of members in the family, possible to get children. Donate green vegetables, green moong dal or green fruits, sweets. Computer, mobile can be taken. Transit of Sun can cause physical ailments, fever, defamation, pain to wife. Feed jaggery pudding to the poor.

Cancer zodiac sign (Cancer)

Buy fridge, AC, water purifier or water cooler. Headache, stomach disease, loss of money, travel, quarrel with enemies etc. are seen. Offer water to the Sun by pouring sesame seeds. Donation of rice will give benefit.

Leo sun sign (Leo)

Worship the Sun. The government will benefit. Chant Om Ghrini Suryay Namah. Buying gold jewelery or gold coins will increase wealth. The sun gives victory over enemies, success, disease destruction, benefits from the government, purchase of clothes, etc. Donate wheat or bakery items.

Virgo sun sign (Virgo)

Take a bath by putting sesame seeds in water. Buy a new mobile, broadband connection, TV and communication related equipment. Don’t buy anything with a credit card or loan. Gift a mobile to a loved one or donate it to the needy. The Sun can give anxiety to the children. Travel carefully, take care of the health of the children, avoid arguments, do not allow hallucinations. Take a bath with sesame seeds in water. Give fodder to the cow.

Libra (Libra)

Receipt of money and grains from all sides. Apply sesame seeds. Buy silver on this occasion and get rich by the end of the year., Real estate related problems, loss of honor, trouble due to domestic disputes, physical weakness. Donate khichdi and kheer.

Scorpio (Scorpio)

Possibility of getting stopped money. Vijay in the court case. Enemy will remain buried. Buy electronic equipment. Gajjak, the donation of Revdi will flourish. Disease will be freed, the state side is strong, the attainment of prestige, son and friends, will give respect from the society. Put jaggery in water and offer it to the sun.

sagittarius Rashi (Sagittarius)

Success in education sector, competition etc. Buy gold coin or idol according to the capacity and install it at the place of worship. Make khichdi yourself and feed it to 9 poor laborers. Head, eyes can cause pain, meeting with evil people, business loss, enmity with relatives. Give food to the blind. Donate gram dal.

Capricorn (Capricorn)

Donate 1.25 kg rice and 1.25 kg black urad or its khichdi to the poor. Transit of Sun can cause loss, delay in work, purposeless travel, estrangement with friends, health can be spoiled. Donate copper utensils to the shrine.

Aquarius (Aquarius)

Transit of Sun can cause foreign travel, eye pain, excess expenditure, loss of position. Offer sweet porridge to patients. Donate black white blanket or warm clothes.

Pisces (fish)

The excursion of the Sun gives wealth, new position, auspicious work, state grace, progress, and wealth. Vehicle pleasure. Best Muhurta for making or booking property for long term investment. Donate things made from sesame seeds or gram flour.

first published:Jan. 14, 2022, 9:24 a.m.


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