IndiaTech fog is not just propaganda but a tool...

Tech fog is not just propaganda but a tool to incite genocide


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In the mysterious world of IT cell, there is a need to be alert about how many youths are being made criminals in the name of nation building. Tech Fog Sarkar’s Toolkit- BJP’s, BJP’s and BJP’s one. If the majority society does not save itself from this, then murderers will be born in every house.

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Tech Fog App is not just an app, it is a factory to prepare toolkits, behind which the wires go and connect with the government. the wire After reading the report of Disha Ravi started remembering the case. When the government attacked a young girl while chanting Toolkit, Toolkit. He was put in jail.

When pop star Rihanna commented on the atrocities on farmers, then from cricket player to film star started tweeting the same statement. Where did this toolkit come from, in response to the toolkit? No one knows how many such apps, how many factories are there with the government to prepare toolkits. Don’t be under the illusion that Tech Fog app must have been the first and last app.

The Tech Fog app should not be limited to just one app to build a toolkit. It is part of the political psychological system that has many such apps and platforms. Godi Media is also one such app through which the same kind of propaganda content is spread but it gets wider recognition in the cover of the media.

the wire It has been told in the report that in the month of March in 2020, special types of hate texts were made about Tablighi Jamaat and it was trended on Twitter through anonymous accounts. Jamaat was linked to Corona Jihad. Similar posts were spread all over.

There were many programs in the channels of Godi Media regarding Tablighi Jamaat. There was panic among the people about the unknown disease Corona. In this panic, a solution of hatred was mixed on the pretext of Tabligh. In the name of Jamaat, hatred against common Muslims spread from village to village.

Delhi government and central government officials started taking the name of Tablighi Jamaat in the press conference as a factor spreading corona. It was in a way a social and official sanction for the genocide.

At that time, the police officers who were in contact with me used to say that it is fortunate that there is a lockdown or else such an atmosphere has been created when the mob takes up arms against the Muslims. It was not that crowd. I got a call from an old neighbor of mine. He said that a Hindu barber has been found, if there is a haircut, then he will tell. When asked from where this nonsense has come, he said that all the news channels cannot be wrong. Everyone is showing that corona is spreading due to Tablighi Jamaat. If a Muslim is a hairdresser, then Corona will spread.

A similar incident happened on the road where I buy fruits from the handcart. When I bought fruit from a cart, I asked the other how are you. I cried so much that no one is buying fruit from me. Whoever comes, the person next to him tells that he is a Muslim.

So in this way the attempt to connect Corona with Muslims through Tech Fog App and Godi Media was part of a political experiment. Tech Fog’s report has proved this more convincingly. Tech fog is not just a propaganda tool but a tool to incite genocide.

In different states, the police raided from house to house and caught the people who went to the Jamaat and put them in jail because the same debate was happening day and night through Godi media. After the hatred towards Muslims on the pretext of illness, now fear was filled so that people would automatically take the step of violence.

While releasing the people of Tablighi Jamaat, there are orders of many High Courts that the media spread hatred. the wire After the report, it becomes clear that the talk was not just about spreading, it was a political project of genocide. The court should take cognizance of this and bring the company behind Tech Fog to the world. Now its secrets are yet to come out.

The role of the court is very important because personal information of women journalists has been collected. It is important to know how and from where it was acquired. Does this also include the social media platforms from which one makes purchases and leaves their personal footprints.

We have to understand the danger of data obtained from people whose WhatsApp numbers have been hijacked. If it’s all that simple, then the Tech Fog team can also have people’s bank details. It is not just a matter of imagination that all the money got blown out of someone’s bank account. Therefore, apart from personal security, this matter is also about financial security.

That is why there is a need to properly highlight the relationship between the company and the government behind the Tech Fog app and this work cannot be done without the intervention of the court. Our focus goes on only one mobile application, whereas it should be kept in mind that the text which is prepared for this application, the things of hatred are written in which factory.

the wire The name of that factory has been mentioned in the report of BJP. Through this a whirlwind of hate issues is being created. We are at a very dangerous juncture.

In the mysterious world of BJP’s IT cell, how many youths are being made criminals in the name of nation building, there is also a need to be alert. Hope the youth of IT cell will be awakened and they will bring out more such stories.

Sully Deal and Bully Buy apps may have been made in similar factories or people made with this mindset are making apps on their own. There is no difference between the two.

The ideology behind this work is coming from the same place, which has only one function – to create hatred towards Muslims in the mind of the public. In such a way that they can be killed in the name of spreading corona, their women can be auctioned! This ideology is turning India into such a society so that majority of the boys feel that it is not wrong to do so. They become rioters.

We should keep in mind that there are two types of rioters. An offline rioter who directly engage in violence and an online rioter who satisfies the hunger of violence against a community through such apps. In both the cases one thing is common to hate a community.

This work is happening on many levels. Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are using mafia a lot in their speeches. Amit Shah has taken the names of only Muslim criminals while stating the extent of the mafia.

He started being asked that Vikas Dubey’s encounter was done which had killed many policemen. His name is not in the mafia. Why are there criminals with only Muslim names? Obviously, by taking the names of criminals of one community, both of them are putting this in the mind of the public that the whole community is a mafia.

As soon as the code of conduct is implemented, now a new word has come in place of mafia. Eighty percent versus twenty percent. This constitutional-sounding word pushes towards the same mentality of genocide which we have talked about above. Genocide is not only violent, it also tends to corner a community and disenfranchise it.

In any massacre, millions of people are not only killed, but before and along with this such atmosphere of hatred also plays a big role. Only then will boys become murderers from house to house and commit massacres. No religious guru will take up arms because he has to save and enjoy the property of the Math and Math.

Tech fog is the toolkit of the government. I want to make it more clear. This is a toolkit for the BJP, by the BJP and for the BJP. If the majority of the society does not save itself from its contents, then murderers will be born in every house.

Write this in my purse and keep it in your purse and if you do not believe it, then look at the names of the mob involved in the murder of Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh in Bulandshahr and the boys caught in the Sulli and Bully Bai app.

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