WorldMore than 1.5 lakh new cases of corona virus...

More than 1.5 lakh new cases of corona virus infection were reported in India for the fourth consecutive day


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According to the data updated at 8 am, the number of active cases in the country was recorded at 9,55,319, which is the highest in the last 211 days. Also, due to the death of 442 more patients during the last 24 hours, the death toll of COVID-19 has reached 4,84,655.

Of the total 4,868 cases reported by Omicron, 1,805 people have so far recovered or have migrated out of the country. Maximum 1,281 cases have been reported in Maharashtra. After this, 645 cases have been reported in Rajasthan, 546 in Delhi, 479 in Karnataka and 350 in Kerala.

The ministry said that the percentage of patients under treatment is 2.65 percent of the total cases of infection, while the national recovery rate from COVID-19 has come down to 96.01 percent. On May 26 last year, 2,11,298 cases of infection were reported in a single day in the country.

In the last 24 hours, the number of patients undergoing treatment for COVID has increased by 1,33,873. According to the ministry, the daily infection rate was recorded at 11.05 percent, while the weekly infection rate is 9.82 percent.

The number of people who have recovered from the disease has increased to 3,46,30,536, while the death rate due to infection has been recorded at 1.34 percent.

Under the National COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign, more than 153.80 crore doses of vaccine have been given in the country so far.

During the last 24 hours, out of 442 patients who died in the last 24 hours, 296 were from Kerala and 23 from Delhi.

Of the total 4,84,655 deaths due to COVID-19 in the country so far, 1,41,669 people died in Maharashtra, 49,776 in Kerala, 38,379 in Karnataka, 36,886 in Tamil Nadu, 25,200 in Delhi, Answer 22,937 people died in the state and 19,936 people died in West Bengal.

The Health Ministry said that out of those who have died due to corona virus infection so far, more than 70 percent of the patients also had other diseases.

According to the data, there were one lakh cases of COVID-19 in the country in 110 days and in 59 days they had crossed 10 lakhs.

It took 21 days for the total number of cases of COVID-19 infection in India to reach from 10 lakh to 20 lakh (as on 7 August 2020), while it took 16 more days to reach the number of 20 to 30 lakh (23 August 2020) . However, it has taken only 13 days to reach from 30 lakhs to 40 lakhs (5 September 2020).

At the same time, after 40 lakhs, it took only 11 days to cross the number of 50 lakhs (16 September 2020). It took 12 days for the number of cases to go from 50 lakh to 60 lakh (as on 28 September 2020). It took 13 days to get 60 to 70 lakhs (11 October 2020). It took 19 days to be 70 to 80 lakhs (on 29 October 2020) and 13 days to be 80 to 90 lakhs (on 20th November 2020). It took 29 days to go from 90 lakh to one crore (on 19 December 2020).

After this 107 days, i.e. on April 5, 2021, the cases exceeded 1.25 crore, but it took only 15 days (19 April 2021) for the cases of infection to exceed 1.5 crore and then only 15 days later on May 4, 2021, the situation was critical. The figure went beyond 1.5 crores to two crores while reaching in. After 4 May 2021, in about 50 days, on 23 June 2021, the cases of infection had crossed 30 million.

Virus cases and deaths

Talking about the COVID 19 infection in the month of January, in one day or 24 hours, 1,68,063 on January 11, 1,79,723, on January 10, 1,59,632, on January 8, 1,41,986 on January 7, 1, 17,100, 90,928 on January 6, 58,097 on January 5, 37,379 on January 4, 33,750 on January 3, 27,553 on January 2 and 22,775 on January 1.

Talking about the people who lost their lives in the last 24 hours in this month, 277 on 11 January, 146 on 10 January, 327 on 9 January, 285 on 8 January, 302 on 7 January, 325 on 6 January, 534 on 5 January. 124 people died on January 4, 123 on January 3, 284 on January 2 and 406 on January 1.

May of last year has been the deadliest month

During the second wave of COVID-19 in May 2021 alone, more than 92,87,158 cases of corona virus were reported in India, which is the highest number of infections recorded in a month.

Apart from this, in May 2021, 1,20,833 people also lost their lives due to this disease. So many cases and so many deaths have not been recorded in any other month.

In this way, this month was the worst and deadliest month during this epidemic.

On 7 May 2021, the highest number of 4,14,188 cases of COVID-19 were reported in 24 hours and on 19 May 2021, the maximum number of 4,529 patients lost their lives.

Daily new cases remained below three lakh from May 17 to May 24, 2021 and then below two lakh from May 25 to May 31, 2021. The maximum number of 3,745,237 patients were treated in the country on 10 May 2021.

Covid-19: Click here to know which month and how many cases were registered in the year 2021.

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